2015 - 2016 Teacher Grants

Shira Schwartzberg, Runkle 7th/8th, and Ben Stein Lincoln 7th/8th, Recipient 2014 Charlie Baker Legacy Award

Ms. Schwartzberg and Mr. Stein will travel to Greece and Turkey to enhance their knowledge of the archaeology, geography, and historic narrative of ancient Greece and Turkey, gathering information, artifacts, and materials to be used by the entire district to support the 7th grade social studies curriculum.

Tracy Bare and Amy Hintzman, Pierce 7th/8th Math and Science

Ms. Bare and Ms. Hintzman will continue the “teaching for understanding” work begun under a previous BEF grant and will develop a 7th/8th grade unit around “Essential Questions” relating to claims, evidence, and reasoning. They will present their work at the 2016 National Science Teacher’s Association Conference.

Francesca Stark, Driscoll 5th

Ms. Stark will participate in an audio documentary program at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. She will learn recording and digital audio mixing from public radio and podcast production experts in preparation for creating a Driscoll School Radio/Podcast program.

Elizabeth Crane, Catherine Wolf, Jill Sifantus, Jennifer Juo, Brad Kozel, Briana Brown, Heather Giblin, and Barbara Weiffenbach, BHS Biology Department

The entire BHS Biology Department will attend the Association of Biology Teachers 2015 National Conference to gather new ideas for labs and authentic project-based teaching units to help students gain a better understanding of biology concepts and practices.

Maggie Baker Russell, Lawrence 2ndRecipient of 2015 Adam Russell Gelfand Award

Ms. Russell will travel to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Tokyo with a Lawrence School colleague whose trip will be funded by the Lawrence PTO.  The two aim to gain greater understanding of Japanese history, culture, and language to enrich their teaching of the second grade social studies unit on Japan.

Linda Kelly, BHS Psychologist

Dr. Kelly will attend the National Autism Conference to learn about the latest research and treatments in the areas of nutrition, personal safety, and mental health needs and to become more adept in dealing with these issues, which often challenge students with autism.

Elizabeth Brennan and Donna Sartanowicz,BHS Visual Arts

Ms. Brennan and Ms. Sartanowicz will attend an Art New England workshop in Bennington Vermont, where they will complete 100 drawings in five days to strengthen their drawing skills and develop techniques through a rigorous concentration on the process of drawing.  This will, in turn, help them guide students in developing their individual styles and artistic voices.

Sarah Ladner Apollo, BHS Winthrop House    

Ms. Apollo will take an online coding course to deepen her general computer programming skills and help her create a computer coding elective, which is in great demand by students.

Matt Picard,Baker 5th/6th

Mr. Picard will attend a novel writing workshop at Boston’s acclaimed Grub Street writing program, in order to better understand the process and craft of creating a novel, which will expand his perspectives and inform his teaching.

Dominique Gonyer Aumiller,BHS World Language

Ms. Aumiller will travel to Quebec and participate in a weeklong French for French Teachers program to reinvigorate her language skills through immersion in the language and culture of Quebec.

Jeff Denman, Baker 6th

Veteran teacher Jeff Denman will participate in a guided canoe trip, exploring the exact route the Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled on the Missouri River. This will provide a better understanding about the physical geography as well as the hardships these explorers endured, to share with students.

Benjamin Kahrl, BHS Social Studies    

Mr. Kahrl will attend the 2016 Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, which focuses on women’s health and women’s rights. He intends to build connections with experts in the field with whom his Global Leadership class students later may communicate via Skype.

Robert Thomas, Driscoll Educational Technology

Mr. Thomas will attend the International Society for Technology in Education Conference, where he will participate in workshops learning the latest in educational technology, including filmmaking and video editing, which he hopes to use in his classroom in collaborative film projects.

Vicki LaRiccia and Gabrielle Mahesh, Lawrence Comprehensive Learning Center

Ms. LaRiccia and Ms. Mahesh will attend a seminar at the Kripalu Center where they will deepen their understanding of mindfulness and meditation practices, which they plan to use with their students so they may learn to calm stress, be in the moment, and better access the academic curriculum.    

Deborah Levine, Pierce ELL

Ms. Levine will experience firsthand being a foreign language learner in a different country, which will inform her teaching of English Language Learners. She anticipates the experience will help her be more empathetic to ELL students’ experiences, and gain a firmer knowledge of the native language of a growing population in her classes.