2016 - 2017 Teacher Grants

Adam Weatherwax (6th-8th Grade Math), Beth Greenwood (3rd Grade), Lincoln School

Broadway Teachers Workshop

Mr. Weatherwax and Ms. Greenwood will attend an intensive Teachers Workshop in New York City, which will support their work as directors of the school musical and provide techniques for bringing drama and arts into their classrooms.

Merrill Forman (Special Education), Andrea Schuettler (Occupational Therapy), BEEP

Think:Kids: Collaborative Problem Solving

Ms. Forman and Ms. Schuettler will attend a Think:Kids training session and work with a consultant to implement the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to support children with behavioral challenges. This work will enable them to teach students how to better manage their behavior and to support teachers and parents who deal with behavioral issues.


Lisa Soltani, 6th/7th Grade Math, Driscoll School

Park City Math Institute

Ms. Soltani was invited to participate in this prestigious leadership development program at the Institute for Advanced Study, where she will have the opportunity to hone her advanced math skills, reflect on her teaching practice, and develop resources for other teachers.


Alex Borns-Weil (3rd-8th Heath School), Andrea O’Donnell (K-2nd Lincoln School), Dianne Muendel (3rd-8th Lawrence School), Pamela Tully (K-2nd, Lawrence School)

Attending the International Literacy Association Conference

Literacy Specialists from three Brookline schools will attend this international conference to explore the latest literacy research, best practices, interventions, and techniques, particularly in the areas of technology and data management.


Amanda Beaupre, Nicole Greco Zografos, 1st Grade, Lower Devotion School

Wilson Language Training

Ms. Beaupre and Ms. Zografos will participate in the Wilson Language Foundations program, which provides classroom teachers with a deeper understanding of literacy development and implementation of literacy skills to support early readers.


Alyssa Henry, 4th Grade, Baker School

Costa Rica Educator Trip                                             Adam Russell Gelfand Award recipient

Ms. Henry will travel to Costa Rica with other educators to learn about the diverse ecosystems of the rainforest and its impact on the history, culture and traditions of the people. A passionate student and teacher of botany, Ms. Henry will assist with the reforestation of mangroves and work with biologists in monitoring, measuring, and tagging hawksbill turtles.


 Elizabeth Buhl, U.S. History, Brookline High School

Freedom Writers Institute                                             Charlie Baker Legacy Award recipient

Ms. Buhl will participate in the prestigious Freedom Writers Institute, which trains teachers to use writing and project-driven activities to encourage the academic and personal growth of students, helping them to become change-makers by focusing on the power of language and the value of diversity, equity, and justice.


Natalie Dean, SEC Coordinator

Culturally Proficient & Racially Diverse Special Educators: Interns to Teachers

Ms. Dean, Coordinator of the Brookline-Lesley College internship program, will attend trainings in the areas of racial and cultural proficiency to inform her instruction and supervision of Brookline interns.


Amy Burch (K-8th Social Worker), Emma Madden (5th-6th Special Education), Jessica Chiachio (3rd-4th Special Education), Lower and Upper Devotion Schools

Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Educators at the Therapeutic Learning Centers at Devotion will be trained in stress and anxiety reduction at Boston’s Benson Henry Institute. This training will help them equip students to become more resilient, especially during this time of transition for the school.


Norma Gordon (Math Specialist, Upper Devotion School), Alison Hansel (Math Specialist, Pierce School), Jeremy Bloch (8th Grade Math, Upper Devotion School)

Twitter Math Camp

Ms. Gordon, Ms. Hansel, and Mr. Bloch will attend the Twitter Math Camp Conference to learn, explore, and bring back to Brookline cutting edge, innovative math teaching and classroom ideas.


Heather Budd, 6th Grade Special Education, Baker School

Mindfulness Practice Group for Baker School Staff

Heather Otero, K-8th Grade School Counselor, Baker School

Mindful Schools

Ms. Budd will take an online course about mindfulness and stress reduction and Ms. Otero will attend a course on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the Omega Institute. They intend to establish a mindfulness group for interested staff members at the Baker School, to enhance participants’ well-being and effectiveness as educators.


Kathryn Coleman Gallahue, 5-8th Grade Comprehensive Learning Center, Pierce School

Wilson Certification Level II

Ms. Gallahue will complete coursework for certification in the Wilson Reading System, Level II, to learn advanced multisensory approaches to literacy instruction.


Andrea Prikacki (2nd Grade), Amber Haskett (3rd Grade), Devotion School

Reading and Writing Project: August Writing Institute

Ms. Prikacki and Ms. Haskett will attend a rigorous workshop to expand their knowledge of the Writing Workshop model. The Institute focuses on helping students elaborate and write well about reading. 


Erica Paull, 3rd-5th Grade Special Education, Lawrence School

Landmark School Summer Institute

Ms. Paull will learn strategies centered on reading and writing interventions, technology advancements, and executive functioning to help students with language-based learning disabilities to read and write more effectively.


Elizabeth Collins Willis, K-8th Literacy Specialist, Pierce School

 Literacy Specialist Wilson Training

Ms. Willis will be trained as a Wilson Reading Specialist, which will provide her with interventions to help students when the regular education word study program is not working for them.


Mikaela Newell (K-1st Grade), Andrew Winston (K), Pierce School

Reggio Emilia Study Tour

Ms. Newell and Mr. Winston will travel to Reggio Emilia, Italy, to observe classrooms where the Reggio Emilia philosophy is practiced. Using this approach, teachers carefully document student abilities and progress and help students design developmentally appropriate projects to better their community.


Hannah Wirtshafter, K-5th Grade Special Education, Pierce School

WRS Level I Certification

Ms. Wirtshafter will become certified as a Wilson Reading Program specialist, which will allow her to better serve her students with language-based learning disabilities or dyslexia.


Jane Leo, 1st Grade, Heath School

Travel with Teachers as Scholars to Cuba

Ms. Leo will travel with other educators in a Teachers as Scholars Study Tour to Cuba. The trip will expose her to the unique culture and history of Cuba and provide first-hand examples of encountering cultural differences to share with her students as she seeks to instill in them a respect for human differences.