2014 - 2015 Teacher Grants

Lihua Shorter, BHS World Language Teacher, Recipient 2014 Charlie Baker Legacy Award

Shorter will travel to Taiwan and China to explore their intricate relationship and how their historic reconciliation has impacted the region economically, culturally, and politically. Her research into the people and cultures of Taiwan and China will be a valuable resource for BHS students.

Monica Crowley, Incoming OLS Principal, and Rick Rogers, Lawrence School Principal

Crowley and Rogers expect to strengthen their leadership and management skills and revitalize their personal vision of leadership at a seven-day institute sponsored by the Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. They will focus on learning new techniques for improving relationships with colleagues/staff members and implementing specific strategies for leading instruction and fostering a positive school culture.

Michelle Gorden and Randy Bradley-Campbell, Devotion School kindergarten

Gorden and Bradley-Campbell will attend the Staff Development for Educators National Conference on Differentiated Instruction this summer to expand their knowledge of differentiated instruction, especially small group interventions. This will help them engage their struggling students, using the most effective and up-to-date approaches. It also will help them in their role as Child Study Team members to support colleagues with suggestions for meaningful, targeted, and appropriate interventions.

Richard Cass, Driscoll School Special Education

Cass will become certified in Level II of the Wilson Reading Program, acquiring advanced techniques to share with colleagues and to use directly with students who require specialized instruction in reading and spelling.

Nicole Muldowney, BCBA K-12, and Rachel Orlovsky, BHS RISE Program

Social Thinking Clinical Training will provide Muldowney and Orlovsky with tools for hands-on implementation of strategies in the areas of social communication, problem solving, and daily life and social skills, improving their ability to teach communication strategies to a wide variety of students.

Andrea Schuettler, BEEP at Lynch Center

Schuettler will attend a three-day Social Thinking Assessment training to improve her repertoire of diagnostic tools and differential diagnosis in order to provide the most appropriate therapy for BEEP students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Andrew Maglathlin, BHS, Ceramics

Maglathlin will learn new teaching strategies in ceramics at the National Council for the Ceramics Arts Conference, including advanced ceramic forming techniques. He also  will gain further knowledge in contemporary and historical ceramic art. BHS students will benefit from his new instructional techniques and projects and from exposure to contemporary ceramic artwork from digital images taken at the exhibitions.

Elizabeth Trach, Lincoln School, Spanish, Recipient 2014 Adam Russell Gelfand Award  

Trach plans to reinvigorate her teaching of Spanish and enhance the Central American component of the curriculum by immersing herself in the language and culture of Costa Rica for three weeks this summer. She will share her experiences with her colleagues and students in a blog of her travels.

Mary Burchenal, BHS Curriculum Coordinator, John Andrews BHS, English

Burchenal and Andrews will participate in the course The Examined Life: Greek Studies in the Schools, which consists of an online course and a study tour to Greece. The two plan to use their new knowledge of the life and literature of ancient Greece to revitalize the teaching of The Odyssey, Greek plays, and ancient literature in the BHS English department. 

Lawrence School educators: Alicia Hsu (3rd), Kristen Alper (technology), Dominique Ferdinand (kindergarten), Katie Grenzeback (2nd), Akiko Kawai (ELL), Sharon Kiernan (3rd), Marie Leman (math specialist), Katy McGraw (math specialist), Kathleen Moriarty (Librarian), Katherine Nguyen (3rd), and Rhodinne Wang (5th)

Ten Lawrence educators will develop collegial, physical, and emotional fitness by learning the ancient art of Taiko drumming together at Genki Spark. While affording participants a chance to explore and cross cultural borders together, this grant also will provide an opportunity for team building and personal rejuvenation.

Alison Manion, Pierce & Devotion Schools, General & Choral Music

Manion will attend music workshops and concerts at this acclaimed international music festival. Practicing improvisation with international experts and gaining new improvisation skills will inform her future teaching of music and improvisation to Brookline students.