2016 - 2017 Systemwide Grants

Systemwide grants support growth and innovation in the system as a whole. Systemwide grants may be renewed to provide funding over a three-year or greater period. Smaller leadership grants have traditionally been used to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to principals, curriculum coordinators, and other administrators. Systemwide grants are developed and administered in collaboration with the Superintendent of Schools and Office of Teaching and Learning staff.

During the 2016–2017 school year, the Brookline Education Foundation will fund over $62,000 in Systemwide grants in the following areas:


Leadership Team Retreats - In the 2016-2017 school year, the District Leadership Team (Superintendent, Deputy Superintendents, Special Assistant, and school principals/headmaster) includes a high number of administrators in their first or second year in Brookline, or in interim positions. A BEF grant will extend District Leadership team building and leadership development work by funding three off-site retreats to be held throughout the academic year. 

New and Interim Principal Mentoring Program - The challenges for new principals in adjusting to Brookline and leading a Brookline school are many. Beyond the support of their Leadership Team colleagues, experience shows that new leaders benefit from additional mentoring, both individually and as a group. This grant provides for a mentored support program for new/interim building leaders during this period of transition. View "What Does a Principal Do?"

Superintendent Professional Development Grant - This grant enables the Superintendent to attend state and national conferences and learn how other school districts address problems similar to those Brookline faces, keeping Brookline schools in the forefront of educational innovation.



Instructional Coaching  - Instructional coaches are educators, such as technology/math specialists, who help other teachers learn to use evidence-based practices and support them in applying these practices in their classrooms. In the first two years of this grant, over 80 Brookline educators received training in instructional coaching. In its third year, this grant will focus on intensive training in math to build content coaching expertise in the K-8 Math Department.

Building a Culture of Data Use - This project aims to improve student academic outcomes, reduce achievement gaps, and foster collaborative inquiry by focusing on building a culture of data use. An external expert will facilitate professional learning with specialists and curriculum coordinators, with an expectation that those leaders will engage with teachers in data-focused inquiry, to more accurately identify areas of need and to apply appropriate interventions or instructional changes to improve student outcomes.

District-wide Educational Equity - On November 8th, the District will hold a full day of professional learning, focused on the core values of Educational Equity and Respect for Human Differences to provide a common experience for all educators to reinvigorate ongoing work to eliminate racially predictable achievement gaps. BEF funding will support District hiring of high-profile experts in the area of cultural proficiency to work with educators on this professional development day.