2015 - 2016 Systemwide Grants

Systemwide grants support growth and innovation in the system as a whole. Systemwide grants may be renewed to provide funding over a three-year or greater period. Smaller leadership grants have traditionally been used to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to principals, curriculum coordinators, and other administrators. Systemwide grants are developed and administered in collaboration with the Superintendent of Schools and Office of Teaching and Learning staff.

During the 2015–2016 school year, the Brookline Education Foundation will fund $57,000 in Systemwide grants in the following areas:


BHS Content Reading Initiative (CRI), Year 4                                                  

Research indicates that many high school students - even high-achievers - struggle with the specialized reading skills required in content level classes. The BHS CRI is an innovative approach to helping students develop these specialized reading skills. This grant funds a second year of training for 18 BHS teacher-leaders in the areas of math, science, and special education on the integration of reading instruction with content teaching.  The upcoming year's work focuses on data synthesis and evaluation. (A prior BEF grant funded this training for English, social studies, and world language teacher-leaders.) The CRI is a consortium funding effort that also involves the participation of the 21st Century Fund and the Public Schools of Brookline. Read more.

Instructional Coaching                                                                                    

Instructional coaches are educators, such as technology and math specialists, who help other teachers learn to use evidence-based practices and support them in applying these practices in their classrooms. Instructional coaching has been shown to build teacher expertise and raise student achievement. Last year, the BEF sent eight coordinators and specialists to the Instructional Coaching Kansas Coaching Project to hone their instructional coaching skills. Due to the success of that grant, the Kansas Coaching Project is coming to Brookline this year to train an additional 50 building administrators, coordinators,  Math and Literacy Specialists, Librarians, Enrichment and Challenge Support Specialists, and Ed Tech Specialists, in the art of instructional coaching.


District Technology Learning

  • Professional Learning with the November Learning Group

As Brookline continues to implement a plan to address technology needs, administrators (principals, vice principals, coordinators, and senior staff) must understand and embrace the role of technology in advancing student learning. Using International Society for Technology Education standards as a focal point, consultants from the November Learning Group will continue to work with Brookline administrators to help develop their visionary leadership and promote a digital age learning culture in our schools.

  • Building Learning Communities Conference

This grant will fund attendance for 15 Brookline educators at the acclaimed Building Learning Communities Education Conference. Participants will learn new ways in which technology can best be used to improve student learning in Brookline.  An additional 15+ conference seats will be funded by the School District through other sources.

  • Building Learning Communities (BLC) Pre-conference 

A BLC pre-conference workshop entitled The First Five Days of School will be offered to Brookline educators as part of this summer’s BLC conference. . The first five days of school can prepare students to “learn how to learn” and yield achievement dividends all year. By preparing students to own their learning and to manage tools and networks that will support them throughout the school year, educators can better prepare them for academic success. Web literacy, student as tutorial designer, self-assessment, peer-to-peer support and more will be covered in this workshop. 


Leadership Team Grant

This grant funds a retreat where Brookline principals, the BHS Headmaster, and other Brookline administrators collaborate and learn from experts in the field of educational leadership about current topics in education.

Superintendent’s Grant

This grant enables the Superintendent to attend state and national conferences and learn how other school districts address problems similar to those Brookline faces, keeping Brookline schools in the forefront of educational innovation.