2012 - 2013 Systemwide Grants

Systemwide grants support growth and innovation in the system as a whole. Systemwide grants may be renewed to provide funding over a three-year or greater period. Smaller leadership grants have traditionally been used to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to principals, curriculum coordinators, and other administrators. Systemwide grants are developed and administered in collaboration with the Superintendent of Schools and his staff.

During the 2012–2013 school year, the Brookline Education Foundation will fund $58,000 in Systemwide grants in the following areas:


BHS Content Reading Initiative: AdLitPD Summer Training Institute
An innovative initiative will make literacy the focus of BHS content teachers (social studies, math, science, etc.). The goal of the Content Reading Initiative (CRI) is to help BHS students develop specialized reading skills in all academic disciplines to equip them to be more successful. This grant sponsors an intensive CRI summer institute for BHS social studies, English, and world language teacher-leaders to help them learn to integrate reading instruction with content teaching and become more effective at conveying the gateway skills of content literacy. Participants will collaborate in teaching these skills to educators within their departments. The CRI is a consortium funding effort that also involves the participation of the 21st Century Fund and the Public Schools of Brookline. 

Literacy Initiative (K-8 activities)

A BEF grant currently has helped fund Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) training for grades K-2 literacy specialists in all Brookline schools. LLI provides immediate and concentrated intervention to students struggling with reading. The initial results from LLI are extremely positive, with most students making significant gains in reading proficiency. This grant will help train grades 3-5 literacy specialists in LLI so the intervention also can be used with older students.

Social Emotional Learning
This grant evolves from a number of past, very successful BEF grants and aims to improve school culture in all Brookline elementary schools with developmentally appropriate social, academic, and behavior management practices. Over the next two to three years, middle school advisory programs will be required at all Brookline elementary schools as part of Brookline’s Social Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention Plan. Funds from this grant will be used to train 25 middle school educators in the Developmental Designs method, which will be an important element in these advisory programs.

Funds from this grant also will be used to develop and provide school-year refresher workshops and study groups to support teachers in grades K-5 in their implementation of the various components of Responsive Classroom (RC). Past BEF grants have provided instruction for over 125 educators in RC and contributed to the training of a Brookline-based RC facilitator. This summer that facilitator will begin offering at least one RC course to Brookline teachers each year at a considerable savings to the school system.


Leadership Team Grant
Due to significant turnover, there is a critical need to provide opportunities for members of the Leadership Team to learn from each other and from experts in the field of educational leadership. This grant funds professional development for Brookline principals, the BHS Headmaster, and Brookline administrators in areas that address the needs of this evolving group.